HIV: ప్రస్తుత పరిశోధన

HIV: ప్రస్తుత పరిశోధన
అందరికి ప్రవేశం

ISSN: 2572-0805


HIV Co-Morbidities and Multi-Morbidities

Trevor Archer

The co-morbidity and multi-morbidity observed in individuals afflicted by HIV infection is veritably overwhelming, extending as it does from obesity/overweight and metabolic syndromes, through chronic cardiovascular disease and dysfunctional immune systems, to serious loss of integrity of brain and central nervous system and the concomitant disruptions of cognitive function and affective status. Thus, it comes as no surprise that HIV patients report depressiveness and anxiety accompanied by lapses in memory performance and retention, sleeplessness, emotional disturbance, decline in mental health syndromes and the mismanagement of pain. These disorders may be exacerbated by smoking and alcohol problem that accelerate further the health and well-being of HIV-infected patients.