HIV: ప్రస్తుత పరిశోధన

HIV: ప్రస్తుత పరిశోధన
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ISSN: 2572-0805


Co-Infection of Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV) with Malaria in Gbalegi, Idanre and State Hospital, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Dada EO, Okebugwu QC and Ibukunoluwa MR

The study investigated the prevalence of HIV co-infection with malaria in Gbalegi area of Idanre local government and State Hospital Akure Ondo State Nigeria. A total of 150 blood samples were collected from individuals using lancet and heparinised capillary tubes. Thin and thick blood smears were used to identify different Plasmodium species for malarial infection while Abbot - determine and Stat-pak kits were used for HIV screening. Although the highest prevalence of malaria with HIV co-infection among the different occupation group in State Hospital Akure was found to be highest (36.8%) among civil servants than in others while there was no HIV co infection with malaria in people screened in Gbalegi. Reasons for the high prevalence of malaria and co-infection with HIV were discussed and it has shown that individuals with HIV infection are highly susceptible to malarial infection.